Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Google AdSense Policy Violations by Zennie Abraham Using My Adsense Account

Update on this it’s a Google years but they finally gave me an option to blog all ads 

 It’s a mystery to me how my account was plugged into all these blogs but that I was being punished for  what seem like stupid  stupid sexual gratuitous blog posts  I had nothing to do with yet again as woman I’m being threatened with retaliation and financial damages for something I didn’t do -  then Susan comes in head to google YouTube and takes away my partnership and says I can’t have ads your people use my work and have ads including top media outlets my subway rescue video, my video of the Penera bread shooter outside of Princeton, The New York Times use my videos, sit at the Advocate so the New York Post and so many countless outlets 

I keep asking him not to use  my adsense account and it is gross for such vapid empty blog posts and blogs I have never heard of....

I will send this to him via facebook and bizarro Zennie world he just asked to be my linkedin friend -- based on this can you see why I don't want him to be part of my linked in network?